Panasonic Pro Mini DV (SQ STUDIO Series) 63 Mins

Panasonic Pro Mini DV (SQ STUDIO Series) 63 Mins

Panasonic Pro Mini DV (SQ STUDIO Series) 63 Mins

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High-Density Evaporation Ensures High Output

Panasonic's proprietary AME technology is employed in the SQ-series. Compared to conventional tape, the SQ-series has a four times greater magnetic particle density, resulting in higher output by 1dB and ensuring a high quality recording.

Minimized Error Rate

In addition to its high-output advantage, stringent error rate standards are employed in the SQ-series, realizing an error rate almost one-half of that found in conventional DV Tapes.

ABS Resin Cassette & Anti-Static Treatment

An anti-static treatment for the cassette lid repels dust and contaminants, minimizing dropouts. The ABS resin cassette prevents warpage & cassette housing damage, and ensures durability and reliability in all types of environments & applications.

2-way Opening Soft Case

The cassette case is constructed of a soft material that wont break if dropped. The 2-way lid construction lets you easily extract the tape with one hand, even while shooting.
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