Sony HDV Tape 63min

Sony HDV Tape 63min

Sony HDV Tape 63min

Price: 6.25


Sony’s new DVM-63HD HD DVC tape offers the highest quality recording media for use with HD camcorders. It is the recommended media for Sony's new HDR-FX1camcorder. The DVM-63HD features 90% fewer errors and 50% fewer dropouts compared to DV Reference tape (tested on standard Sony DV VCR).

High Definition Video Recording

Designed for 1080i or 720p HDV recording and playback.

63 minutes recording time of 1080i video

3dB higher carrier-to-noise ratio vs. Premium DVC tape *

Conforms to the MiniDV standard, yet is manufactured with much higher tolerances while incorporating the new AME II technology.

Key Benefits:

90% fewer errors due to 40% increase in carrier-to-noise ratio*

50% fewer dropouts*

50% less tape shrinkage*

3db higher carrier-to-noise ratio*

The additional 3-minutes on the DVM63HD tape is for test recording. This helps the user calibrate the camera for best results. You can record the full 63 minutes of 1080i video. When recording in 720p HDV or in DV mode, you can record 94 min in LP and 63 min in SP setting.

New lubricant improves tape stability running under a wide range of operating conditions.


Professional 63 min. length

Designed for 1080i or 720p HDV recording and playback.
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