Sony DV CAM 64min (PDVM-64N)

Sony DV CAM 64min (PDVM-64N)

Sony DV CAM 64min (PDVM-64N)

Price: 15.75


Sony's advanced evaporated tape makes digital video recording possible with a pure cobalt evaporated coating for packing at high-density. DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) protective layer for extra durability.

High dimensional precision for compatibility by reducing tape-shrinkage over time to about 1/2 that of consumer DV tape.

Standard DVCAM line-up consists of PDV-ME Series cassettes with built in 16 kilobit IC memory PDV-N Series without IC memory. DVCAM Master lineup consists of PDV-MEM Series cassettes also with built in 16 kilobit IC memory.

New protective locking album case specifically designed for DVCAM cassettes.

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