Sandisk Compact Flash Ultra

Sandisk Compact Flash Ultra

Sandisk Compact Flash Ultra

Memory Size:



When speed really matters, serious photographers choose SanDisk Ultra CF. So fast, you’ll never miss a shot. So rugged, environmental conditions are never a problem. In fact, we’re so confident in SanDisk Ultra II CF cards that they’re backed by a lifetime limited warranty (available directly from SanDisk).

Advanced Features:

Minimum of 10MB/second** sequential read speed for ultra-fast image viewing and data transfer

Minimum 9MB/second** sequential write speed lets you capture large image files faster

Backed by a lifetime limited warranty***

Low power consumption for longer battery life

*** please see SanDisk website for full terms and conditions
Please email us at or call 0844 755 0208 if you have questions/enquiries.UPDATED 29/04/17