Fuji Betacam SP

Fuji Betacam SP

Fuji Betacam SP

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Super-Fine Metallix Particles

Exclusive Fujifilm Super-Fine Metallix metal magnetic particles are formulated to match the high carrier signal frequencies of Betacam SP and are given an oxidation-resistant surface treatment to ensure long, reliable service. Durable, four-layer construction and advanced calendering technology boost tape transport stability and provide a mirror-smooth finish for excellent tape-to-head contact and minimal head wear.

Extended Still & High-Speed Playback

Fuji M321SP videocassettes are designed to meet the high standards of quality and durability that busy editors and postproduction studios demand. Still playback capability of up to 180 minutes is offered and decreases in RF output are minimal even after repeated search, pause and jog shuttle operations.

Excellent High-Frequency Signal Response

Exclusive metal magnetic particle formulation and dispersion technologies assure excellent high-frequency signal response. In particular, Fujifilm double-orientation technology plays an important role in attaining maximum Betacam SP system performance.

Fewer Dropouts

Our superior magnetic particle formulation and tape construction technologies ensure high durability, with low electrical resistance at the tape surface. As a result, dropouts are kept to an absolute minimum - even after prolonged use under adverse environmental conditions.
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