Hama "Laeta Twin" USB2.0 USB/Micro USB


Hama "Laeta Twin" USB2.0 USB/Micro USB Hama "Laeta Twin" USB2.0 USB/Micro USB Hama "Laeta Twin" USB2.0 USB/Micro USB Hama "Laeta Twin" USB2.0 USB/Micro USB

Hama "Laeta Twin" USB2.0 USB/Micro USB

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- This removable storage medium allows data to be written and erased as many times as is required

- With a micro USB connection for smartphones and tablets, ideal as external memory

- LED function indicator gives information about the connection status

- Compact stick with an unobtrusive grey aluminium casing

- With a cap for both connections

- Suitable for terminal devices with a USB interface and a micro USB interface

System Requirements:

- Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and MacOS 9.x or higher

- Host/OTG compatible smartphones and tablets with Android operating system as of Android 4.0 and with a micro USB interface

Note for Consumers:

You will find the operating instructions for the "Laeta Twin" FlashPen at www.hama.com under item number 00123925.

Never use both connections simultaneously.

To make sure that the pen functions correctly please retain the FAT32 format.

Please refer to the product information provided by the respective manufacturer to see whether your terminal device is OTG compatible.

Please email us at sales@tapecity.co.uk or call 0844 755 0208 if you have questions/enquiries.UPDATED 12/11/19